Monday, May 28, 2012

Celebrating Two Beautiful Couples...

I made two Happy Anniversary cards for two awesome couples.  Their marriages are awesome examples of loving through thick & thin.  The first couple is my sister-in-law's sister & her husband who recently celebrated 23/yrs of love & marriage. Here is their card...
They loved their card and couldn't even remember when this picture was taken...LOL!  They were delighted.

 My Pastor and Fist Lady are the next couple that recently celebrated 20/yrs of love and marriage and are an awesome example of marriage.  Here's their card... I actually forgot to take a picture of the final finished card because I added a blingy flourish that really set it off and I totally forgot to take a picture.  Ow well, you get the idea, (lesson learned).
It was so much fun making these cards & they too had to remember the occasion that I took their picture.  They were so happy with their card.  

More Later
Happy Crafting!!


Vee said...

omega these are superb. i love your flowers. i wish i were better at that. for some reason i don't use them enough.
i am sure they loved their cards, i know that i would.

Raquel said...

Wow... these are beautiful. Love the flowers you made for each! Those cards would make anyone's heart melt. Gorgeous job!

I have also forgotten to take pictures of some finished crafts in the past. LOL... I try not to forget since.

Thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet words.

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