Monday, June 26, 2017

Beautiful Faux Fabric Flowers...Using paper napkins

If you like making paper flowers, you're really going to love these!
They really look like they're made out of fabric but it only takes paper.  I came across a video from another YouTube craftier and I couldn't wait to give it a try (I share a link to her channel on YouTube in the description box).  So, I ran out to 'Tuesday Morning' to buy some napkins.  Tuesday Morning always have these really pretty party napkins, here's the ones I got.
Napkins from Tuesday Morning
Check out my video here with a little more detail on making these kind of flowers...ENJOY!

Thanks for stopping by.  I'll be back with more soon.

Happy Crafting!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

It's been awhile...but I'm back!

It has been a really long time...but I'm finally back. I guess some of you thought I fell off the planet. I hope I still have some viewer & readers out there.  There have been tons of changes and transformations in my life but I think things are finally settling down.  September last year I moved from Maryland to South Carolina and I'm still getting used to my new life here in my new adopted home state. I really like my little town of "Greenville, SC", it's kinda just right, not too big & not too small. I've also shared some of my transition on my YouTube channel but check this out:

It's amazing though how much traffic there is around here.  It have been said that Greenville, SC has been a well kept little secret but now everyone else is discovering it and moving to the area too. There's a Greenville in NC also but I'm betting my Greenville is the best...just sayin'.

So, back to the subject to crafting, card making, scrap booking etc.  I'd switched my blog to another site but decided to come back to "Blogger", it's just all around easier.   I have been doing those things but not as often but the other thing is I got caught up in making YouTube video more so than blogging  but felt a little of a void, I really missed my blogging friends too.  So, now that I've gotten myself a little more settled I'll be doing both.  If you are interested here is a link to my YouTube Channel Obrooks7701, please join me there and subscribe. On YouTube it much easier to share tutorials and projects by video but I'll post pics here just as before.  I have so much I want to try and share so stay tuned.  This time it won't be so much time when I say....I'll be back with more soon.

Happy Crafting!!
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